Thursday, 31 October 2013

Clean Your Hair With Mud!

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Now, I'm not talking about your average everyday growing carrots kind of mud. This is a special kind of mud called Rhassoul and it's pretty amazing.  Rhassoul mud/clay comes from Morocco and it literally means 'to wash'. I use it when I feel like treating myself to some good clay lovin'. Rhassoul is buried deep in the mountains and is able to absorb impurities from the hair and provide it with nutrients.  It is a special kind of clay as it does not strip or dry out the hair as it cleans it, making it an excellent alternative to harsher cleansing clays.

How do I mix the clay? 

The clay comes in powder form so there is a little bit of DIY involved. I put the desired amount in a suitable bowl (usually about 4 table spoons) and put in enough water to cover it. I then wait and let the magic happen. After about 5 minutes I stir the mixture with a plastic spoon, add in some honey and a splash of extra virgin olive oil and make sure it is the consistency of a thin paste.

How do I use the clay in my hair? 

When I use this clay, I still loosely follow my usual wash day routine. So, I pre poo/deep condition dry hair and rinse it out after about 30 minutes.  I then blot my hair with a t-shirt so it is damp and put my hair into 4 sections.  I apply the mixture from root to tip, twist it up and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  When it is time to rinse, I have to spend a bit more time because this stuff loves to cling to your hair, otherwise you will be left with grainy bits in your hair and I don't think you want that (unless you're into that sort of thing).  I don't use a conditioner after the clay, I just apply my leave in and seal it with an oil or butter and I'm good to go. My hair feels soft, clean and wonderful.  Try it out, see if your hair enjoys some clay lovin'.

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