Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Next Chapter - Africa @ Spitalfields

Hey loves,

Remember my post about taking part in The Woman in the Jungle Hair & Beauty Show? Well, it was amazing!! I loved it so much, I have decided to take part in amother event - Africa @ Spitalfields. This event is being held at the famous Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool Street Station) and will exhibit African inspired produce. The market is on Monday 26th May (Bank Holiday) and it is completely free!! I will be selling my luxury butters and oils and some t-shirts! Come by, say hello and pick up some goodies =)

The Woman in the Jungle experience

I had so much fun setting up my stall at The Woman in the Jungle Hair and Beauty Show
and meeting some really lovely people. It was very well organised and it was inspiring meeting so many naturals and discussing my true love - hair!

I talked my mum into volunteering for the day and I am so grateful to her for waking up at an unsociable hour to help me at the show.

I would also like to thank my wonderful friends for coming to support SJ London and enjoy the experience. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it marked the beginning of something special. I hope to see you all at Africa @ Spitalfields! For more information about the market, click here.


Friday, 25 April 2014

SJ London is Born!

I know I have been missing for a while but, that is because I have been working behind the scenes and wanted to wait for the right time to tell you guys. Remember my wonderful Luxury Hair Butter that I told you about in You Butter Believe It! Well . . . You lovely people are going to have the opportunity to see it along with my other products at the Woman in the Jungle Hair & Beauty Show! I am so excited about this and looking forward to meeting you lovlies on May 5th.

It will be at this show that my brand SJ London is born and I will be talking about hair care and you will have the opportunity to win some wonderful goodies.

What will I be selling? SJ London features a range of beautiful butters and oils that will make you fall in love! All the products are natural and contain no harsh chemicals, parabens, sulphates or anything that will harm your hair. I know that hair needs to be treated with love and care and SJ London meets this need.

I am honoured to take part in this show and have been working hard to bring you SJ London. Look out for me and this logo:

Hope to see you all there!

Monday, 17 February 2014

'I Can't Go Natural, I Haven't Got Good Hair'

Good hair . . . I have heard this term for as long as I can remember.  It frustrates me that some people identify 'good hair' by the texture, rather than how healthy it is. When I was growing up, good hair was said to be hair that has a loose curl/waves, shiny, easy to comb etc.  

I do however feel like there has been a shift recently. With more and more people identifying with their naural hair, good hair is more likely to be linked with healthy hair. But there are still statements like 'you haven't got good hair, don't go natural' floating about and I don't want this to discourage anyone who is thinking about going back to natural hair. Keep your hair healthy and that will lead to 'good hair'.

It is problematic to class certain hair as 'good hair'. This could dissuade people from going natural and create a divide in the natural hair community. You're hair is beautiful,  whatever the texture.


Monday, 6 January 2014

Her Hair Has Grown Ten Inches in Two Weeks!

I’m back!! Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful rest and feel ready to take on 2014. First post of 2014, let’s go!

I have been guilty of feeling like someone’s hair has grown at a ridiculous speed when I look at their journey, it feels like they have super grow hair and mine is still waking up! But, fear not! Hair is growing, we might just not notice it happening. Think about it, you see your hair every day and might unknowingly be doing a length check every day so it may not seem like any progress has been made. I thought I’d had hardly any growth and realised my hair had gone from collar bone to about bra strap length (yay). So I would recommend taking pictures of your journey, you might surprise yourself.

Also, when watching YouTube videos, be aware of the timeframe. I have spent hours watching an embarrassing amount of videos and it feels like the person has gone from chin length to belly button length in no time and I have to remind myself that is not the case and to have patience.

Remember everyone’s hair is different. Hair grows an average of half an inch a month, I believe my hair grows slower than average, but who wants to be average anyway? Lol.

Comparing your hair growth to someone else’s can act as a motivator, but don’t let their growth dishearten you – enjoy the journey guys!