Monday, 17 February 2014

'I Can't Go Natural, I Haven't Got Good Hair'

Good hair . . . I have heard this term for as long as I can remember.  It frustrates me that some people identify 'good hair' by the texture, rather than how healthy it is. When I was growing up, good hair was said to be hair that has a loose curl/waves, shiny, easy to comb etc.  

I do however feel like there has been a shift recently. With more and more people identifying with their naural hair, good hair is more likely to be linked with healthy hair. But there are still statements like 'you haven't got good hair, don't go natural' floating about and I don't want this to discourage anyone who is thinking about going back to natural hair. Keep your hair healthy and that will lead to 'good hair'.

It is problematic to class certain hair as 'good hair'. This could dissuade people from going natural and create a divide in the natural hair community. You're hair is beautiful,  whatever the texture.