Monday, 2 December 2013

Help! The Middle of My Hair Feels Like A Desert!

Now I know deserts can be beautiful places, but no one dreams of desert hair because it is not an ideal situation. The middle of my hair seems to suffer from desert syndrome, but I have found a way to reduce this.

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What causes desert hair?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I show a bit of favouritism to the front and back of my hair. If I am putting my hair in a bun for example, I will make sure the front and back are smoothed down and the middle is squashed between the two. Due to this, this middle of the hair needs some TLC. Also, when moisturising the hair, it is easy to miss the middle of the hair so it might feel a bit neglected and we all know what happens when our hair is not happy – angry hair.

How to Combat the Dryness

o   Put hair into smaller sections. This will help when trying to distribute the moisture effectively. Smaller sections will allow the moisture to get into those hard to reach places.
o   Deep condition. This is an excellent treatment that puts moisture back into the hair and what does dry hair love? Moisture! So deep conditioning is brilliant for replenishing the moisture dry hair needs.
o   Steam the hair. This allows you to put that much needed moisture into your hair and encourages ingredients to penetrate the hair properly. This is great for getting all the nutrients into the hair.

So there you have it! How to banish the desert from your hair with some TLC. Also, if winter is causing your hair to suffer, check out winter care for natural hair for some winter survival tips. 

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