Monday, 4 November 2013

I Cheated On My First Love! (Butter love)

I’m about to tell you something personal and you are the first to know about it. Here goes . . . I cheated on shea butter! I know, how could I? But let me explain. I was doing some research because I want to add a new product to my collection and I stumbled across this wonderful butter called Tacuma butter. Tacuma butter comes from Brazil and it is great for dry/damaged hair. It is solid at room temperature and melts on contact. It has a sweet but strange smell and it is not as heavy as shea butter, so it is good when you want something a bit lighter to seal in the moisture and still do a good job.

Shea butter will always be my first butter love for so many reasons. It helps with scalp problems (dandruff and dry scalp), protects against heat and is an excellent sealant. It is filled with vitamins and conditions the hair helping prevent breakage. Shea butter makes my hair feel so soft and keeps it moisturised for a long time without weighing it down. It is heavier than tacuma butter so it is brilliant when your hair needs a sealant that packs a punch. Shea butter will continue to work magic in my Luxury Hair Butter but stay tuned for a new addition to the family!!

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