Monday, 11 November 2013

Winter Care For Natural Hair

BRRR it’s cold in here! Here in the UK the cold weather is coming back with a vengeance and my hair routine needs to change to accommodate this. Here are some tips for caring for natural hair in the winter time. 
   1: Protect the hair. Winter can cause the hair to be dry and fragile. Protective styles could help reduce this. Styles such as buns and twisted updos can help protect the hair from breakage.

2: Use a heavy sealant. In a harsh winter environment, the hair is more susceptible to becoming brittle and breaking off. Using a good moisturiser and sealing it in with something that will lock it in for a long time are important for long lasting moisture.  A heavy sealant such as shea butter will work well.  Click here to read how much I love shea butter!

3: Use a good deep conditioner. Deep conditioning is important all year round but more so in the winter. The cold and wind don’t make my hair very happy, so it needs some extra TLC in the winter.

4: Be careful with humectants. What is a humectant? A humectant is something that pulls water from the atmosphere. This can be brilliant in the summer because it gives the hair a boost of moisture as water moves from a high concentration (humid summer air) to a low concentration (the hair). In the winter, this is not so good because it will draw water from your hair to the dry air which is a big NO NO. I know sharing is caring, but on this occasion you need to be selfish! Examples of humectants are honey and glycerin.

5:  If you are a co-washer (wash your hair with conditioner), do it with vigour in the winter. It is a great way to boost the moisture level of your hair and this is needed most in the winter.

You are now ready to take on winter! ♡


  1. Currently I use glycerin what products would you suggest I use to replace that for winter?

    1. Hello Keysha T. I would replace glycerin with an oil such as castor or jojoba oil because they will lock in the moisture without potentially drawing water from your hair. Also, butters are good for sealing in the moisture. Check out my Fave Products post - these work for me all year round.

      Thanks for stopping by! x