Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Natural Hair

I have been natural my whole life so there are no stories about why I decided to go natural, but I can tell you why I started to look after my hair properly.

When I got to university, I started wearing weaves and I would always have a side part with some of my hair out. Because my hair is natural, in order to blend my hair with the weave, I had to straighten it. I did this on a daily basis, on a high heat and if I'm honest, not always with a heat protectant - clever me -_- Gradually my hair burnt off to about 3cm long in that section (sexy). So, being the clever person that I am, what did I do? I took the weave out and changed the part to the other side and did the same damage. Then, instead of addressing the problem, I got a full head weave with a fringe - big mistake! As soon as I got it, I hated it! I did not even recognise myself in the mirror and I think I drove my friends and family mad talking about how much I hated my hair. I know it sounds sad, but ladies, you know if you hair is not right, it's a problem.

Anywho, my hair started growing back in those sections so I was looking less like a partially bald chicken and more like me, which I was very grateful for. My hair revelation came about as my hair was growing back. I was plaiting my hair for bed (you know the doodoo plaits) and I was wondering why my hair had been the same length since Watty kill Philip (Jamaican for long long time) I typed into Google "why does black hair not grow long" and a whole new world opened up to me. Up until that point, I thought I was looking after my hair well - washing it every five weeks (puke now that I think about it because of all the junk I was putting in my hair), using only protein conditioners, blow drying my hair and using hair grease. I also used a very strong holding gel - I was guilty of cementing my hair to my forehead and gelling individual baby hairs, but I was in school so please don't judge me. I used to comb my hair when it was dry, didn't think anything of the amount of hair that was shedding/breaking and did NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET MY HAIR WET. I have always loved curly voluminous hair and I now know that what I was doing to my hair was comparable to abuse and I am proud I am now a reformed character.

Check out my progress so far

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