Monday, 21 October 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar: Hair Edition

When I think of apple cider vinegar (ACV), I feel happy inside. I use ACV on both my hair and my face and can see myself using it for a long long time.

I use it on my hair once a month to give it a deep clean and get all the nasties out. I use this in place of a clarifying shampoo and it works very well for me. I pre poo, wash and condition my hair as normal and then do a final rinse with diluted ACV (1/3 ACV 2/3 water). I personally use organic ACV with the ‘mother’ in it (a strange thing floating in the vinegar that is packed with nutrients) because it has all the goodies in it.

Why am I putting vinegar in my hair?
ACV is a brilliant cleanser. It will get rid of stubborn dirt and clean the hair and scalp without stripping them or making them feel dry. It is also good for dandruff and dry scalp problems.

Why do I use it after the shampoo stage?
If ACV was only good as a cleanser, it would make sense to use it during the shampoo stage rather than when the whole process is finished, but it does have another use. ACV restores the hair to an appropriate PH level which encourages healthier hair.

What are the results?
After the ACV rinse, I have soft, shiny and clean hair. I do temporarily smell like a vinegar head, but the smell does disappear quite quickly! I am very happy with the results and recommend it.

Hope that helped!

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