Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Getting Used To The Feeling

Before I started my hair journey, I would put hair grease and industrial strength gel in my hair. I was used to the feeling of ‘coated’ hair and thought that was what my hair was supposed to feel like. Once I became more aware of natural products and realised I should probably wash my hair more often, the feeling of my hair changed. It went from feeling greasy and weighed down to fluffy and light and originally I thought that this meant my hair was dry because I was so used to it feeling a certain way.

When I made the switch to (mostly) natural products, it was definitely a new feeling. I was used to the stripped, hay feeling from only using sulphate shampoos and was slightly confused when my hair still felt soft after washing it with a sulphate free shampoo. I thought that my hair was still dirty, but it was nice and clean.

So, if you do make the switch to more natural products, don’t be discouraged by the way your hair might feel, it is a transition that it needs to get used to.

Hope that helped!

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