Thursday, 10 October 2013

Natural Hair Kit

I hear a lot of people say that they can’t go natural because it is ‘too expensive’ or there are ‘too many products to buy’ but this is not necessarily the case. I think that there are four or five main things that make up a natural hair kit and the rest are optional.

1: Shampoo – This is to cleanse your hair and ensure that there is a healthy environment for your hair to grow

2: Conditioner – This provides you with the moisture/protein your hair needs and it replenishes the moisture your hair may have lost during the shampoo step

3: Leave in conditioner/ moisturiser – one of the characteristics of curly/ natural hair is that it gets dry. In order to maintain healthy hair, the hair needs to be hydrated with a water based leave in/ moisturiser

4: Sealant – putting water in your hair is excellent for hydration, but water evaporates, therefore you need an oil and/or butter to lock in the water

5: Styler – this is optional for some as moisturising and sealing could be the final step. A styler could be a gel or a mousse that you use to get a desired look

Therefore, if you are thinking about going natural, you do not have to remortgage the house to buy products!

Hope that helped!

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